Federal Income Tax Calculator

H&R Block Income Tax Calculator

TurboTax Income Tax Calculator

Using an Income Tax Calculator at the beginning of the tax season is a quick and easy way to calculate federal taxes you may owe or, find out how much you will be getting back from our buddy Uncle Sam.

Federal Income Tax Calculators can be a very useful tool in helping you prepare for the April 15th deadline for filing taxes. Simply put, if you know ahead of time where you stand with the IRS, your far more likely to control your spending in preparation for any taxes you may owe.

Now on the other hand, if your getting money back, you have more time to think about how your going to spend the money wisely, Right?

You can use either since they are both FREE to use and they both work very well to determine your income tax calculation estimate, and liability.

Now it's not magic but, I find that using one of these tax calculation tools is a great way to keep the stress off during the tax season. To me, knowing where I stand helps me accept and prepare for the filing deadline.

If you haven't used one of these before, well, it's probably time you should try one. See if it doesn't give you a little more acceptance of this season we prefer to forget about!